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Dropshipping with Shopify | Selling online Worldwide, is a premium mastery level course that included content for beginners and intermediate students of e-commerce. In this course, you will learn about; The basics of e-commerce; What is eCommerce what are the different modules in e-commerce and how to start an e-commerce business. What is Shopify Dropshipping; What is Shopify, Why start dropshipping with Shopify, what alternative platform available for dropshipping. Finding Winning Products; What are the criteria for finding or hunting best-selling winning products for dropshipping, tools, and techniques of finding hot selling, most demanding products with low or medium competition in international marketplaces. Finding/ Selecting Suppliers; How to and where to find Supplier or how to where to source product for dropshipping particularly in or post-COVID-19 scenario to avoid delay shipping from China. Designing Shopify Website; How to design a Shopify Website, select, edit the theme, create pages, policies, and navigations. Managing Orders and Returns; How to manage and fulfill orders and how we can control or manage returns and refunds in dropshipping. Payment providers; How to create a legit business account on PayPal, Stripe, 2checkout, and Payoneer. (Particularly from Pakistan and/or other developing countries where these services are not available directly). Marketing Your Business; How to market your dropshipping business, what are FREE ways/resources to market and get customers, and how to use paid marketing options, including influencers marketing and Facebook ads. That's not All, I'll be updating this course from time to time and will be sharing the latest updates, techniques for finding winning products and growing your dropshipping business and converting it to a Private Lable brand building, and making this business a flippable asset to multiple your wealth. Let's meet in the course... Cheers. Khalid (Khalidgraphy)

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Introduction to course, eCommerce and Shopify Dropshipping

  • Introduction 19min 26sec
  • Pros and Cons of Dropshipping 10min 47sec

All about Product Research/ Hunting or finding winning products

  • Product Hunting Tools, Website 13min 53sec
  • Finding Winning Products and Sourcing (Practical) 1hr 0min

Signup on Shopify, Designing Website, Creating Web Pages, and Policies etc.

  • SignUp on Shopify - 14 Days Free Trail 15min 22sec
  • Design a Logo for Website and Social Media 6min 7sec
  • Designing Your Shopify Website 10min 19sec
  • Pages, Policies and Menu creation 37min 13sec
  • Importing or creating listing / products to store 40min 52sec

How to use PayPal, Stripe, 2checout from Pakistan with 100% legit ways.

  • Requirement for PayPal, Stripe & 2Checkout 36min 55sec

Facebooks ads and other ways of Marketing our products/ brands

  • Marketing your products 44min 48sec
  • Facebook ads, campaigns, audience selection 54min 37sec

Managing Orders, Returns and Refunds

  • Order, Return and Refund management 19min 7sec
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About Expert

Khalid Hussain

Co-Founder PEEL | eCommerce Instructor at AirSchool & Udemy

Entrepreneur, Educator, and Business Consultant brought up from the Balochistan province of Pakistan.


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15+ enrolled on this course